• KOMATSU OBS 60S-VS-34 | 1
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  • KOMATSU OBS 60S-VS-34 | 1
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Inventory# 36183

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Capacity: Capacity: 66 Ton 59.87 Metric Ton
Slide Stroke: Slide Stroke: 4.7" 119.38mm
Shut Height Over Bolster (SDAU): Shut Height Over Bolster (SDAU): 11.8" 299.72mm
Shut Height Over Bed (SDAU): Shut Height Over Bed (SDAU): 16.9" 429.26mm
Adjustment: Adjustment: 2.8" 71.12mm
Speed (Variable): Speed (Variable): 42 - 85 SPM 42 - 85 SPM
Bolster Area: Bolster Area: 35.4" L-R x 21.7" F-B 899.16mm L-R x 551.18mm F-B
Bolster Thickness: Bolster Thickness: 5.1" 129.54mm
Slide Area: Slide Area: 19.7" L-R x 15.7" F-B 500.38mm L-R x 398.78mm F-B
Slide Hole Diameter: Slide Hole Diameter: 2.0" 50.80mm
Gibs, Type - Square: Gibs, Type - Square: 6 Point 6 Point
Air Requirement: Air Requirement: 71 PSI 4.99 kgs./sq.cm.

Equipped With:
SIT IV Press Control SIT IV Press Control
7.5 HP Main Motor 5.59 kw Main Motor
230/460/3/60 Electricals 230/460/3/60 Electricals
Combination Wet Clutch & Brake Combination Wet Clutch & Brake
Hydraulic Overload Protection Hydraulic Overload Protection
Motorized Slide Adjustment Motorized Slide Adjustment
Air Counterbalance Air Counterbalance
Dimensions & Weight: Call Perfection Global for Dims, 0 Lbs Dimensions & Weight: 0 Lbs, 0 Kg
Preliminary Specifications....
Location & Terms
CIF, Newport News, VA

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