• Live Auction

    We perform Live Auctions with Webcast all over the world. By combining the excitement of an on-site auction with the power of the internet, assets are competitively bid on by a truly worldwide audience.

  • Online Auction

    Items are listed Online for the world to bid on. This auction type places the assets in front of a worldwide audience while enabling the seller to avoid the disruptions an on-site auction might bring to their business.

  • Liquidations

    When an auction is not a suitable option we sometimes perform Liquidations. Liquidations typically allow for more selling time, the locating of buyers for more specialized items, and the ability for the buyer and seller to negotiate.

  • Private Treaty

    Private Treaty sales (also called Negotiated Sales) tend to be ongoing sales of a large amount of assets for a specific client. Assets are priced and this sales type typically allows more time for inspection of assets by buyers.

  • Surplus Asset Management

    Complete Surplus Asset Management solutions remove the burden and stress of surplus industrial assets on manufacturers. Manufacturers can laser focus on their production goals while we manage their surplus assets and maximize return.