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Perfection Global is a leading North American distributor of new Komatsu servo and mechanical stamping presses.

Komatsu H2FM 400 Ton Servo Press in Perfection's Elk Grove Village machinery showroom

As Komatsu continues to be at the forefront of press technology, Perfection is proud to offer a wide range of Komatsu presses to our customers, whether located in Illinois, the Midwest or nationwide. Komatsu Servo Presses excel at providing cost-effective and reliable solutions for metal stamping facilities, through features like programmable slide velocity without loss of energy and dwell. These servo presses also require less power consumption and less maintenance than most standard presses. Meanwhile, Komatsu Mechanical Presses have been the workhorses of the metalworking industry for decades. We offer Komatsu Mechanical Gap Frame Presses from 39 to 220 ton, and Mechanical Straight Side Presses from 121 ton to 3500 ton. Komatsu is dedicated to contributing to its customers’ continued success, offering the highest level of performance and support to the manufacturing industry.


H1F Gap Frame Presses (35 to 80 Metric Ton)
H1F35, H1F45, H1F60, H1F80 Download Catalog

H1F Gap Frame Presses (110 to 200 Metric Ton)
H1F110-2, H1F150-2, H1F200-2 – Available in "C" or "0" Frame Download Catalog

H2W Solid Frame Presses (200 to 300 Metric Ton)
H2W200, H2W300 Download Catalog

H2FM Next-Generation Progressive Servo Press (400 to 800 Metric Ton)
H2FM400, H2FM630, H2FM800 Download Catalog


OBS Gap Frame Small Single Point Mechanical Presses (35 to 60 Metric Ton)
OBS35, OBS45, OBS60 Download Catalog

OBS Gap Frame Large Single Point Mechanical Presses (80 to 200 Metric Ton)
OBS80, OBS110, OBS150, OBS200 Download Catalog

E2W Straight Side Mechanical Presses (110 to 300 Metric Ton)
E2W110, E2W200, E2W300 Download Catalog

E2G Straight Side Mechanical Presses (300 to 800 Metric Ton)
E2G300, E2G400, E2G600, E2G800 Download Catalog

Komatsu press demonstration area

Perfection Global, with headquarters adjacent to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, has decades of stamping press sales and support experience dating back to 1963. Our 86,000 sq. ft. facility is home to Komatsu’s North American Showroom, where presses can be seen under power for demonstrations, with Komatsu staff on-hand to answer all engineering and service questions. Our showroom also hosts numerous Komatsu Open Houses and Application Seminars throughout the year, which offer excellent educational and networking opportunities.

Financing is available, and Perfection can also take trade-ins toward your purchase of any Komatsu servo or mechanical press.

Financing Available
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