Sell Your Used Machinery and Industrial Equipment

Monetize surplus and idle assets quickly and painlessly with Perfection’s team of machine shop and industrial equipment buyers. Perfection has been selling CNC machinery, metal fabrication equipment, and more for over 60 years. Turn surplus & idle machinery and other assets into funds to improve your bottom line.

  • Sell both Single Machines and Entire Facilities
  • Advantage of a Global Network
  • 50 Years of Industrial Machinery Sales Experience
  • Unmatched Marketing Ability
  • Variety of Solutions to Sell Your Used Machinery

Our solutions include: Outright Purchase, Auctions, Liquidations, Appraisal, Financing, Broker Sales and more.

Please provide your contact information, so our team of surplus machinery buyers can contact you within 24 hours. Tell us a little about your needs for selling used industrial machinery, equipment, and other assets.

As one of the world’s largest stocking dealers of used machinery & equipment, Perfection’s proactive and persistent digital marketing exposes your machinery to qualified machinery buyers around the world.

If you prefer you can always contact us directly at
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