Surplus Asset Management

Custom, unique and proactive approaches to maximizing return on your company's surplus, idle or soon to be idle assets.

Surplus Asset Management

Perfection is your surplus asset management specialist. Our customized industrial asset management offers unique and proactive approaches to maximizing return on your company's surplus, idle, or soon to be idle industrial assets. 

We can help you easily and efficiently communicate your available surplus assets throughout your company in a timely manner. Your customized and private internet portal will drive increased transfers of assets within your organization leading to decreased costs and increased savings. If the asset does not get transferred in a timeframe set by you, we will market and sell your asset to the outside world.

How It Works

100% Commission Based Structure

If we do not sell your asset - you pay nothing

Easy, Painless Process

We are available to catalog assets, prepare specifications, take photos, and manage the entire process start to finish.

Global Reach

We successfully market equipment worldwide using an unmatched database and the best media tools.

Proactive Marketing

When possible, we market assets while still in production to maximize return on investment.

Sarbanes-oxley Compliance

We work within your accounting procedures and regulations.

Please give us the chance to improve your bottom line through our customized industria l surplus asset management services. We are confident that you will join the many satisfied customer we currently serve, which include small and medium job shops all the way up to Fortune 100 manufacturers.

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