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Capacity: Capacity: 220 Ton 199.56 Metric Ton
Stroke Length: Stroke Length: 9.84" 249.94mm
Strokes per Minute: Strokes per Minute: 25 - 45 SPM 25 - 45 SPM
Die Height (SDAU): Die Height (SDAU): 19.69" 500.13mm
Slide Adjustment: Slide Adjustment: 4.72" 119.89mm
Bolster Area: Bolster Area: 88.62" (L-R) x 33.07" (F-B) 2250.95mm (L-R) x 839.98mm (F-B)
Slide Area: Slide Area: 72.83" (L-R) x 25.59" (F-B) 1849.88mm (L-R) x 649.99mm (F-B)
Bolster Thickness: Bolster Thickness: 6.69" 169.93mm
Floor to Bolster: Floor to Bolster: 35.43" 899.92mm
Main Motor: Main Motor: 25 HP 18.64 kw
Air Pressure Required: Air Pressure Required: 5 PSI 0.35 kgs./
Equipped With
I-Press Control I-Press Control
Dimensions and Weight
Call Perfection Global for Dimensions Call Perfection Global for Dimensions
59400 Lbs 26938 Kg
Location and Terms
CIF, U.S. Port
U.S. Port
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