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The Top 8 CNC Machine Tool Makes for Manufacturers

Eric Winkelmann | May 6, 2024

High-quality computer numerical control (CNC) machines are critical to the machining industry, as they improve efficiency, minimize downtime, and promote safety. As such, when it comes time for companies to obtain the equipment necessary for their operations, it makes sense for them to have an idea of the CNC machine brands they can trust. We compiled a list of some of the best CNC machine brands for equipment that boasts high precision and longevity.



Founded in 1919, Mazak is a global brand with a stunning reputation in the manufacturing industry. The organization manufactures turning centers, automation systems, and other precise solutions for various industries, including automotive, aerospace, energy, medical, and more. Mazak is known to be among the CNC machine manufacturers that value productivity and versatility the most when building their equipment. Thus, if your organization requires multi-tasking machines that can do it all, we suggest looking at Mazak’s offerings.

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DMG Mori

Germany’s DMG and Japan’s Mori Seiki combined their decades of experience to form an exceptional brand in the machine tool industry. DMG Mori is particularly known for producing cutting centers, and today, they are one of the largest manufacturers in Europe. Organizations in numerous industries trust DMG Mori for additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) and CNC machinery. When companies value acquiring your equipment from a trustworthy worldwide brand, DMG Mori is often the reliable choice.

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Founded in the 1980s by Gene Haas, Haas Automation is among the top CNC lathe machine brands. Haas is a company that prides itself on affordable, durable equipment. This brand’s only production facility is located in California. However, Haas is not just prominent in the United States—it is a celebrated brand in North America and even around the world. In addition to lathes, equipment offerings by Haas include CNC routers, horizontal and vertical machining centers, and 5-axis machining centers, as well as rotary products, pallet-pool systems, and more.

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Founded in 1898, Okuma is Japan’s largest machining center manufacturer. In fact, Okuma is the largest machine tool manufacturer in the world, and they specialize in constructing all their high-speed tools in-house. The CNC milling machines, lathes, grinders, and other equipment Okuma produces are specifically designed to make manufacturing easier for businesses in a wide range of sectors, including construction, die and mold, oil, and more. If you are seeking an efficient machine that has been designed to last, consider the Okuma brand.

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DN Solutions (formerly Doosan Machine Tools)

Numerous organizations in the manufacturing space turn to DN machines. After all, they know DN Solutions for their turning centers, machining centers, boring mills, and other machining technologies. For over four decades, DN Solutions—previously Doosan Machine Tools, and prior to that, Daewoo—has been dedicated to creating versatile machining solutions that aid in improving production quality and speed. Should you value a machining brand that develops dependable equipment and lends unwavering support, DN Solutions is an outstanding one.

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Star CNC builds Swiss-type automatic lathes to assist customers in achieving their machining endeavors. They pride themselves on machines boasting quick, simple operation and reduced downtime. Further, Star CNC has been an industry leader for over 65 years, and they continuously work to improve their machines, prioritize worker safety, and encourage environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices. To ensure your organization stays ahead of today’s demands with the latest technology, consider utilizing Star’s machine solutions.

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Over 80 years ago, Tsunezo Makino founded the Makino brand and invented the horizontal machining center. Since then, Makino has not only been praised for this machine, but also its EDM and vertical machining centers as well; these pieces of equipment won various awards for propelling businesses toward automation and innovation. This organization focuses on CNC systems showcasing accuracy and reliability in an effort to help you transform how you run your business.

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JTEKT Machinery (formerly Toyoda)

A Japanese machining brand with several decades of experience, Toyoda—now known as JTEKT Machinery— is a true leader in the space. They first specialized in manufacturing grinding machines, though today, the organization offers a vast selection of other machines and technologies, including machining centers, turning centers, and more. Toyoda commits itself to providing optimal performance and helping companies innovate all over the world. We are proud to provide used machinery from this organization, as these solutions are vital for ensuring high volume production without compromising quality.

Explore JTEKT / Toyoda Machines


As you can see, there are several organizations who’ve become leaders in developing solid product lines, maintaining distributor partners, and spending decades improving their machinery and services. Now that you’re aware of the top CNC machine brands, consider investing in equipment from these CNC manufacturers to encourage effectiveness and profitability. Your organization deserves cutting-edge manufacturing technology that can keep up with your production processes and overall business goals.

Because new equipment from these organizations can be costly, it is worth examining used inventory—after all, your business may find advantages to doing so. At Perfection, we’re proud to provide a large inventory of used CNC machines from the brands we mentioned as well as other leading names. Additionally, our team has extensive experience in performing auctions and liquidations, providing sellers with maximum assistance in selling their machines and buyers with more opportunities to secure assets.

While we are experts in buying and selling industrial machinery, what sets us apart is our ability to prioritize unparalleled service to businesses in numerous sectors. We ensure we exceed every customer’s expectations, no matter their budget or requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our inventory and request an inspection of a machine.

Author: Eric Winkelmann

Eric Winkelmann

Eric Winkelmann is an accomplished marketing professional with a strong presence at Perfection Global since 2011, where he currently holds the role of Marketing Director since 2014. His expertise lies in the latest marketing and manufacturing trends, continuously evolving through active participation in webinars and industry events. A committed learner, Eric stays ahead of emerging technologies and techniques in the field. Outside of his professional pursuits, Eric enjoys the vibrant world of live music, exploring various restaurants, and passionately following Chicago's sports teams.


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