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The Benefits When You Buy Used Machinery

Eric Winkelmann | February 5, 2024

As a manufacturing business, you have a large obligation: you must ensure your machinery operates at peak performance to reap the financial benefits and expand your organization. That said, if you have equipment that cannot meet business demands, it is time to purchase different mac

hines. However, before making a purchasing decision, you must consider all your options, including whether you should purchase your machinery brand new or buy used machinery. While there are advantages to buying new machines, there are numerous benefits of buying used machinery. Below, we highlight four of the biggest advantages that come with purchasing used equipment.

You Save Time and Money

It should come as no surprise that low cost is the biggest benefit of buying used machines. New machines tend to cost more upfront, so with used equipment, you can allocate the money you save to other business investments—for instance, further expanding your fleet and taking on larger projects. Plus, if you choose to customize a used machine to satisfy a specific business nee

d, this also tends to be more inexpensive as well. You can even save money and time on training costs; if you plan to purchase direct replacements for the machines you already own, your team can continue operating the equipment without additional training or delays.

You Avoid Initial Depreciation

When you drive a new car off the lot, it quickly depreciates. This same idea also applies to industrial machinery and equipment; once you buy new equipment and begin to use the machines, they start to lose their original monetary value. Thus, it makes sense to purchase functioning equipment used because you can avoid the higher price tags and depreciation that are bound to come with newer machines. Additionally, if you plan to sell used machines later, they likely will still retain their value as long as you have maintained them. This means increased funds you can recoup and use for other expenses that matter to your business.

You Can Select From a Variety of Machines

As you search, you will find that many industrial equipment suppliers offer huge selections of used machinery, including top CNC machines and other popular manufacturing tools. So, if you are looking for a model that is no longer being manufactured, you should be able to find it used and readily available. This is extremely beneficial for businesses who still rely on older machines; they can purchase exactly what they need to maintain productivity and prevent downtime. Plus, when it comes to new machines, you may experience long lead times to manufacture the machine you want. Furthermore, if you plan to customize the new machine, obtaining it will take even longer. However, when you purchase a used machine, it is yours from the moment you buy it. In other words, your organization can begin using it right away!

You Can Choose Reliable Machines

Finally, you cannot deny the reliability that comes with buying used machinery. When you purchase your CNC machinery or metalworking machinery from a reputable seller who is honest about their machines’ condition, you can feel confident that the machine has been properly used, serviced, inspected, and tested. On the other hand, with a new machine, you cannot necessarily defer to past experiences using the equipment. Essentially, you are mostly putting your trust in the idea that the new machine you’re interested in boasts the latest technology. Though new equipment can promise you numerous years of service, a well-maintained used machine can do the same. You can always inspect equipment before buying, and for total peace of mind, you can also specifically seek out equipment that includes warranties and additional protection.

Our Final Thoughts

Overall, the benefits of buying used machinery are plentiful. While we only covered a few of the largest advantages, there are more, including but not limited to:

  • Lower insurance costs
  • No loans (or a lower amount of interest)
  • Opportunities to both buy and rent
  • Sustainability and positioning your company as an eco-friendly brand

Though the idea of purchasing new equipment can seem appealing, used equipment can still offer an incredible return on investment. If your organization is looking to add machines to its fleet, acquire industrial equipment from Perfection Global. Our team offers decades of experience buying and selling CNC, metal fabrication, and industrial machinery. We also provide a vast selection of CNC machine tools, metal fabrication machinery, and other manufacturing tools. Our machines often come from dependable brands, such as   Haas,  Mazak, Mori Seiki, Okuma, Trumpf , Amada and other well-known names in the industrial manufacturing space.

Here are just some of the types of equipment we provide:

Our team also conducts auctions and liquidations and has extensive experience offering accurate and affordable appraisals to whomever chooses to work with us. Browse our used inventory now, or contact us to see how we can help your organization and its industrial equipment needs.


Author: Eric Winkelmann

Eric Winkelmann

Eric Winkelmann is an accomplished marketing professional with a strong presence at Perfection Global since 2011, where he currently holds the role of Marketing Director since 2014. His expertise lies in the latest marketing and manufacturing trends, continuously evolving through active participation in webinars and industry events. A committed learner, Eric stays ahead of emerging technologies and techniques in the field. Outside of his professional pursuits, Eric enjoys the vibrant world of live music, exploring various restaurants, and passionately following Chicago's sports teams.


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