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  • WALDRICH 30-10S | 1
  • WALDRICH 30-10S | 2
  • WALDRICH 30-10S | 3
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Inventory# 28694 Year 1974

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Table: Table: 178" x 59" 4521.20mm x 1498.60mm
Distance Between Columns: Distance Between Columns: 73.5" 1866.90mm
Max. Grinding Capacity (W x H x L): Max. Grinding Capacity (W x H x L): 67" x 59" x 177" 1701.80mm x 1498.60mm x 4495.80mm
Main Grinding Head Motor: Main Grinding Head Motor: 30 HP 22.37 kw
Peripheral Grinding Head Speed: Peripheral Grinding Head Speed: 930 RPM 930 RPM
Universal Grinding Head Motor: Universal Grinding Head Motor: 10 HP 7.46 kw
Universal Grinding Head Speed: Universal Grinding Head Speed: 1100 - 3200 RPM 1100 - 3200 RPM

Equipped With:
2-Axis DRO 2-Axis DRO
Motorized Rotation of Head Motorized Rotation of Head
Dressing Device Dressing Device
Magnetic Coolant Filtration Magnetic Coolant Filtration
Dimensions & Weight: Call Perfection Global for Dims, 0 Lbs Dimensions & Weight: 0 Lbs, 0 Kg
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