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Finance for $4,938 per month*

Inv# - 44552 Swing - 31.7"
Year - 2012 Video - Yes

Trumpf TruLaser 3040 Twin Pallet CNC Laser

Finance for $386 per month*

Inv# - 46572 Watts - 4000
Year - 2008


Finance for $386 per month*

Inv# - 46272 AMP - (2) 260
Year - 2008

Haas TR-210 5-Axis Rotary Trunnion Table

Finance for $493 per month*

Inv# - 45204 Comments - N/A
Year - 2019

CNC Lathes & Turning Centers

Perfection Global leads in providing used CNC turning centers. Our inventory includes various makes and models in stock from top brands such as Mazak, Haas, Okuma, and DMG Mori.

Whether you are in the market for a horizontal, vertical, Swiss-style, 4-axis, or 5-axis multitasking CNC lathes, or turning center with live milling functionality, Perfection Global can help you acquire the machinery you need. Our team understands that purchasing new equipment can be expensive, which is why we only offer affordable and quality used machines. We also ensure that all our equipment is in exceptional condition and ready to operate. Contact us today to learn more about the used CNC turning centers in our inventory.

What Are CNC Turning Centers?

Also known as CNC lathes or computer numerical control lathes, CNC turning centers are advanced machine tools used for precision manufacturing and shaping of various metals, including aluminum, steel, titanium, copper and brass. CNC lathe machines are equipped with a spindle that rotates the workpiece, and cutting tools are applied to shape the material to meet the required specifications.

Manufacturers That Utilize CNC Turning Centers

CNC turning centers are preferred for mass production, so various industries such as the automotive, aerospace, defense, and military, medical, and transportation industries use them to manufacture parts.

Types of CNC Lathes

2-Axis Horizontal Lathes

This type of lathe has a horizontal axis, so it is ideal for heavy-duty cutting and shaping. They are especially useful for turning long and large-diameter workpieces. The horizontal design of the lathe allows for gravity to assist in removing chips from the workpiece, making it easier to manage.

Multi-Axis Lathes

Organizations that produce complex parts should consider using multi-axis lathes, as they are accurate, precise, and can perform multiple operations simultaneously. For instance, 3-axis and 4-axis CNC lathes can move the cutting tool in three or four different directions, providing the flexibility and accuracy needed to create complex parts with extreme precision. These lathes are typically used for parts that require angled drilling or milling operations. 5-Axis and 6-axis CNC lathes, or multitasking machines or mill-turn centers, provide even more freedom of movement by cutting through material in five and six different directions. These multitasking turning centers combine all the features and benefits of both CNC lathes and CNC machining centers, allowing for multiple machining processes to be completed on a single machine tool.

CNC Swiss Lathes

Swiss-style lathes are ideal for small, intricate parts, as they boast a guide bushing that supports the material being machined, allowing for greater accuracy and repeatability.

Vertical Lathes

As their name implies, vertical lathes have a vertical axis. They are perfect for delicate workpieces. The vertical design allows for easier chip removal, and the vertical orientation also helps to prevent the workpiece from being pulled from the chuck.