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Inventory# 30599

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Max. Hob Diameter: Max. Hob Diameter: 10" 254.00mm
Min. Hob Diameter: Min. Hob Diameter: 2" 50.80mm
Max. Length: Max. Length: 12" 304.80mm
Max. Hob Rake Positive: Max. Hob Rake Positive: 1.5" 38.10mm
Max. Wheel Diameter: Max. Wheel Diameter: 8" OD, 2" ID 203.20mm OD, 50.80mm ID
Grinding Wheel Spindle: Grinding Wheel Spindle: 2700 RPM 2700 RPM
Speed (Fixed): Speed (Fixed): 5600 SFPM 5600 SFPM
Grinding Wheel Stroke: Grinding Wheel Stroke: 20" 508.00mm
Grinding Wheel Motor: Grinding Wheel Motor: 5 HP 240/480 3 phase 3.73 kw 240/480 3 phase
Hob Positioning: Hob Positioning: 7" Inductosyn Scale 177.80mm Inductosyn Scale
Coolant Flow: Coolant Flow: 20 to 40 FPM 20 to 203.20 mm/sec
Indexes Possible: Indexes Possible: 2 to 99 2 to 99

Equipped With:
Giddings and Lewis PC400 Controller Giddings and Lewis PC400 Controller
Coolant Tank with Filtration Coolant Tank with Filtration
Electric Panel Electric Panel
Hob Checking Device Hob Checking Device
Misc Grinding Wheels Misc Grinding Wheels
Tool Kit Tool Kit
Operator's Manual Operator's Manual
Dimensions & Weight: Call Perfection Global for Dimensions, 12000 Lbs Dimensions & Weight: 12000 Lbs, 5442 Kg
Preliminary Specifications....
Location & Terms
F.O.B. — Statesville, NC
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