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  • MINSTER TR2-30 | 1
  • MINSTER TR2-30 | 2
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Inventory# 25753Year 1983

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Capacity: Capacity: 30 Ton 27.21 Metric Ton
Stroke: Stroke: 1.25" 31.75mm
Shut Height Over Bolster (Adjustable): Shut Height Over Bolster (Adjustable): 7.25" - 9" 184.15mm - 228.60mm
Shut Height Over Bed (Adjustable): Shut Height Over Bed (Adjustable): 11.25" - 13" 285.75mm - 330.20mm
Bolster Adjustment: Bolster Adjustment: 1.75" (Motorized) 44.45mm (Motorized)
Bolster Dimensions: Bolster Dimensions: 30" L-R x 21" F-B 762.00mm L-R x 533.40mm F-B
Slide Face Area: Slide Face Area: 34.5 L-R x 12" F-B (T-Slotted) 34.5 L-R x 304.80mm F-B (T-Slotted)
Opening in Bed: Opening in Bed: 26" x 4" 660.40mm x 101.60mm
Windows: Windows: 15-1/2" Wide 393.70mm Wide
Speeds (Variable): Speeds (Variable): 100 - 1100 SPM 100 - 1100 SPM
Hydraulic Clutch and Brake with Selector Controls Hydraulic Clutch and Brake with Selector Controls  
Flush Floor Design Flush Floor Design  

Equipped With:
Vamco CG-3 Feeder (3" x .062") Vamco CG-3 Feeder 76.20mm x 1.57mm)
T-Slotted Bolster Plate (4" Thick) T-Slotted Bolster Plate 101.60mm Thick)
Noise-Tamer Sound Enclosure Noise-Tamer Sound Enclosure
Automatic Recirculating Lubrication System Automatic Recirculating Lubrication System
25 HP Eddy Current Main Drive Motor 18.64 kw Eddy Current Main Drive Motor
Electrical Controls Electrical Controls
Operator Control Console (Separate, Free-Standing) Operator Control Console (Separate, Free-Standing)
Dual Push Button Operation Dual Push Button Operation
Dimensions & Weight: Call Perfection Global for Dimensions, 20000 Lbs Dimensions & Weight: 20000 Lbs, 9070 Kg
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