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Inventory# 41667

Max. Coil Width: Max. Coil Width: 12" 304.80mm
Coil Thickness Capacity: Coil Thickness Capacity: 0.018" - 0.125" 0.46mm - 3.18mm
Number of Rolls: Number of Rolls: 11 11
Roll Diameter: Roll Diameter: 2" 50.80mm
Pinch Roll Diameter: Pinch Roll Diameter: 2" 50.80mm
Center Distances: Center Distances: 2.5" 63.50mm
Feed Speed: Feed Speed: 100 FPM 508.00 mm/sec
Feed Direction: Feed Direction: Right to Left Right to Left

Equipped With:
Dimensions & Weight: Call Perfection Global for Dimensions, 2000 Lbs Dimensions & Weight: 2000 Lbs, 907 Kg
Preliminary Specifications....
Location & Terms
F.O.B. — Elk Grove, IL
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  • Cwp SE 12B 12" X 0.125" 11Roll Straightener
  • COOPER SE 12B | 2
Alternative Views
  • Cwp SE 12B 12" X 0.125" 11Roll Straightener
  • COOPER SE 12B | 2