COVID-19 Pandemic Response

Posted: April 8, 2020

The current novel coronavirus pandemic has brought about unprecedented times, as our daily lives have been impacted in so many ways. The well-being of our families, colleagues and clients is our primary concern. To that end, the Perfection team has enacted multiple policies to protect our health and the health of everyone around us. These policies include (but are not limited to) a work-from-home strategy, asset inspections handled via mobile video conferencing and a temporary suspension of all non-essential travel.

However, as we all know, manufacturing is essential and a constant, with facilities still requiring industrial machinery and manufacturing related services. With this comes unique challenges that we are all working to meet head on. As you’ve seen, we have a full schedule of upcoming industrial auctions. Perfection is still able to safely move forward with conducting these sales by following the guidelines provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization and local governments. Based on this advice, we have implemented the following changes to our auction sales:


  • We are encouraging inspections via scheduled 1-on-1 video conferences. (We’ve had nothing but positive feedback so far from prospective buyers.)
  • If necessary, inspections can still be handled in person, by appointment only, following strict social distancing guidelines. All visitors are always required to keep a 6 ft distance from other individuals present.
  • Each of our clients we represent may have slightly different removal policies, so we recommend you read our Sale Details page for specific sale information.


  • All upcoming Live Webcast auctions have been converted to Webcast-only bidding in order to avoid any public gatherings. All bidders will be able to place live real-time bids using a desktop or mobile device (the exact same way Webcast bidders have participated in our sales before) and can listen live in real-time to the auctioneer’s audio stream. * No onsite participation will be permitted. *
  • All timed online auctions will have no changes to the registration and bidding process.


  • Due to our upcoming Webcast-only auctions having no option for onsite bidding, we have reduced the Buyer’s Premium for all webcast buyers in these auctions to 16% providing full payment is made within 48 hours following the sale.


  • All removals will be conducted strictly by appointment-only.
  • We do not foresee any delays for buyers picking up their purchased equipment.
  • Each of our clients we represent may have slightly different removal policies, so we recommend you read our Sale Details page for specific sale information.

We trust these changes will have a minimal impact on our customers, and we’ve taken these preventative measures understanding everyone’s health comes first. We continue to follow all COVID-19 related closely. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Perfection remains committed to providing our customers with the same superior service you’ve grown accustomed to.