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Inventory# 46135 Year 2024 Brand New, In Crate

Cooling Water Capacity: Cooling Water Capacity: 1.5 m3/h 1.5 m3/h
Cooling Water Return: Cooling Water Return: 1.5 m3/h 1.5 m3/h
Instrument Air: Instrument Air: 25 slmp 25 slmp
Process Air: Process Air: 200 slpm 200 slpm
Oxygen: Oxygen: 100 slpm 100 slpm
Carbon Dioxide: Carbon Dioxide: 30 slpm 30 slpm
Nitrogen: Nitrogen: 20 slpm 20 slpm

Equipped With:
Dimensions & Weight: Call Perfection Global for Dims, 0 Lbs Dimensions & Weight: 0 Lbs, 0 Kg
Preliminary Specifications....
Location & Terms
As Is, Where Is — Lower Saxony 37079, GERMANY-EU
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