Immediate Sale of Complete Bullet Manufacturing Business - Premier Supplier of Match Grade Bullets for Competitive Shooting and Enthusiasts

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Kalispell, MT


Montana Gold Bullet is well-known in the competition shooting world for their high quality and excellent accuracy. Montana Gold Bullet excels in delivering match-grade accuracy in a wide range of calibers and profiles further described in our sale information. The opportunity includes the Montana Gold Bullet Trademarked Business Name and Brand Identity, Product Lines and Manufacturing Assets.

Featuring: (25) Waterbury Assembly Presses, Complete with Die-sets, Feeders and Sensors, Including (15) 15-Station Waterbury Farrel 6600's, (12) 10-Station Waterbury Farrel Jacket Presses, with Die-sets, Stagger Feed, Uncoilers, and Sensors. (14) National, Waterbury and Manville Headers, (5) 223 Presses; (2) Tooled and (3) with Rebuild Kits, (2) Extruders with Coilers, (2) Lead Furnaces, Complete Machine Shop, Spare Parts, Tooling, Forklifts, Feeders, Air Compressors, MRO & Factory Support Equipment
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  • Montana Gold Bullet™ Trademarked Business Name & Brand Identity
  • Domain and Web Store
  • All Plant Machinery & Equipment Used in Production of Pistol and Small Rifle Bullets

Established in 1985, Montana Gold Bullet is well-known for their premier match bullets, winning several National and World titles in competitive shooting events. Their bullets have a history of consistent weight and uniformity that has led to tight groupings and predictable performance, whether you’re competing or at the range. Montana Gold Bullet manufacturers a variety of calibers and profiles. Please see the Sale Brochure for product line details.

WATERBURY FARREL 6600 Eyelet & Transfer Press

400 Ton Lead Wire Extruder

NATIONAL MACHINERY High Speed Long Stroke Solid Die Cold Header

(54) Bullet Assembly Presses

  • (30) WATERBURY FARREL 6600 Assembly Presses; Including (16) Currently in Operation, (5) Not Currently Running, and (9) for Rebuild
  • (11) WATERBURY FARREL No. 58 Assembly Presses
  • (4) WATERBURY FARREL No. 156 Assembly Presses; Including (1) Currently in Operation and (3) for Rebuild
  • (3) WATERBURY FARREL ICOP 510 Assembly Presses
  • (2) WATERBURY FARREL No. 107 Assembly Presses
  • (2) WATERBURY FARREL No. 128 Assembly Presses
  • WATERBURY FARREL No. 106 Assembly Press
  • WATERBURY FARREL No. 56 Assembly Press

(8) Bullet Jacket Presses

  • WATERBURY FARREL ICOP No. 1010 Jacket Press
  • WATERBURY FARREL ICOP 510 Jacket Press
  • WATERBURY FARREL No. 108 Jacket Press
  • (3) WATERBURY FARREL No. 106 Jacket Presses
  • WATERBURY FARREL 15-8 Jacket Press
  • WATERBURY FARREL 15-6 Jacket Press

(7) Bullet Jacket + Assembly Presses

  • WATERBURY FARREL No. 1010 Jacket and Assembly Press
  • (3) BAIRD 325 Rifle Bullet Jacket and Assembly Press; Including (1) Currently Running and (2) Not Currently Running
  • (2) ASAHI-SEIKI TP25 Rifle Bullet Jacket Assembly Presses
  • MAGNUM 25-Ton Transfer Press; New-Never Used
Also Available - Large Assortment of Spare Parts and Rebuild Kits for WATERBURY FARREL, ASAHI-SEIKI, and BAIRD Presses

Blank & Cup Press

  • V&O Double Action Blank & Cup Press

(14) Cold Headers

  • (2) NATIONAL MACHINERY 34 High Speed Long Stroke Solid Die Cold Headers
  • (2) NATIONAL MACHINERY 3/16 High Speed Long Stroke Solid Die Cold Headers
  • NATIONAL MACHINERY 3/16 High Speed Double Stroke Solid Die Cold Headers
  • NATIONAL MACHINERYHigh Speed Long Stroke Solid Die Cold Header, for 9mm
  • (2) NATIONAL MACHINERY 1/8 High Speed Long Stroke Solid Die Cold Headers
  • (4) MANVILLE WATERBURY 250C SSSD Long Stroke Cold Headers
  • (2) MANVILLE WATERBURY Cold Headers, In Storage

(15) Pallet Decoilers

  • (15) COILMATE Presspal Pallet Decoilers

(2) Extrusion Presses

  • 400 Ton Lead Wire Extruder, 70 Lb. Billet, w/ Coiler
  • 200 Ton 22-Wire Extruder, 46 Lb. Billet, w/ Coiler

(2) Lead Furnaces

  • NOLAN 3-Ton Lead Furnace
  • NOLAN 1-Ton Remelter Lead Furnace

Machine Tools

  • BRIDGEPORT VMC 800 22 Vertical Machining Center
  • SODICK AQ327L Wire EDM
  • 2004 SODICK AM3L EDM Sinker
  • CHMER CM-240R EDM Sinker
  • UNISON 2150A CNC DedTru 3-Axis Centerless OD Flexible Grinding System
  • (2) UNISON DedTru 288-0000 Centerless Grinding Machine
  • KENT KGS-250HD Surface Grinder
  • BOYAR SCHULTZ 2A618 Hydraulic Surface Grinder
  • REED 612H Surface Grinder
  • SANFORD M6 Surface Grinder
  • LAGUN FTV-2 Vertical Milling Machine
  • EXTRON 1840EC Lathe
  • 600 LATHES LIMITED CNC 100 Lathe
  • MONARCH 14.5” x 30” Lathe
  • (2) SCHAUBLIN 102VM Precision Tool Room Lathe
  • SCHAUBLIN 102-TR Precision Tool Room Lathe
  • OBERBECK Zetto 30 Lathe
  • (2) IPSCO PC0-2 Pin Cut-Off & Grinding Machines
  • DAYTON 3Z518 Horizontal Bandsaw
  • FOREMOST MAMBOOIAMA Horizontal Band Saw
  • JET SBR-30 Shear, Brake and Roll
  • ENERPAC IPH025S14-1 25-Ton H-Frame Press
TROYKE DL-10-B 4th Axis Rotary Table, s/n 5123-11, w/ Tailstock, BT40 Tool Holders, OKK Tool & Cutter Grinder, DAREX E90 End Mill Sharpener, End Mill Cutter/Sharpener, Arbor Press, Pedestal Grinders, Hand Tappers, Lathe Chucks, KURT Machine Vises, CRESS C601/942 Electric Furnace, s/n 0108, (2) SATELLITE MFG J-101 Electric Furnaces, ECONOLINE Sandblast Cabinet, Live and Dead Centers, R8 Collets, 5C Collets, 3J Collets, ER Collets, Collet Extensions, Expandable Collets, 5C Spin Fixtures, Jacobs Drill Chucks, and Twist Drills, SUNNEN Hones and More


  • NEW HOLLAND K-94 Parts Washer System
  • HAMMOND ROTO-FINISH Extended Range Series GEMINI Vibratory Finisher
  • (3) HUPP CORP Tumblers, RED LION RLX3 Tumbler, CANOGA MX80 Tumbler, and Assorted Unknown Make 5-Gallon Tumblers


  • SPI PO-600 Optical Comparator
  • SCHERR TUMICO 14" Profile Projector
  • MICRO-VU 500 HP Opitcal Comparator
  • ACCUPRO Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • PEACOCK Dial Bore Gages
Inside Micrometers, Micrometer Sets, Gage Pin Sets, Precision Levels, Dial Indicators, Magnetic Base Indicator Stands and More


  • NISSEI PS20E2A Injection Molding Machine
  • RAPID 69-SR Granulator
  • UNA-DYN UDC-30 Auto Mini Dryer
  • STERLCO 943TCU Temp Controller

(8) Air Compressors

  • POLAR AIR EM-RTS3-75 Rotary Screw Air Compressor
  • EATON EC-SRW3-50-460 Rotary Screw Air Compressor
  • SPEEDAIR 5Z402B 2-Stage Air Compressor
  • CURTIS CV968A Twin Piston Air Compressor
  • EMAX EDRYHT0402 Refrigerated Air Dryer
  • EATON 246-Dry Air Dryer
  • EATON 134-Dry Air Dryer
  • POLAR AIR Approx. 300 Gallon Air Tank


  • TOYOTA 8FGU18 LP Forklift
  • TOYOTA 5FGL14 LP/Gas Forklift
Also Available, Pallet Jacks, TUBAR TD 1000 Lb. Drum Dumper, Rigging Skate Sets, Scales, (5) ERIEZ Magnetic Hopper Belt Conveyors, Digital Parts Counting Packing Machine w/ Conveyor and More


  • KILKOM KVP Baling Press


  • (75) Coils of Soft Deep DWG Cartridge Brass Strip, Alloy 260-.177500-.02000 and 260-1.89-.02000
  • (75) Coils of Soft Deep DWG COM’L Bronze Strip, Alloy 220-1.906-.02800
Also Available VIDMAR Tooling Cabinets, CRAFTSMAN Toolboxes, TUBE SHARK II Portable Hydraulic Tube Bender, SMITH Power Pro 55 Plasma Cutter, HOBART Handler 135 MIG Welder, MILLER Thunder Bolt 225 Arc Welder, Torch Set, MILWAUKEE Magnetic Base Drill, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Pneumatic Tools, and More