Perfection has extensive experience in all of the industries listed below. Having been in business for 50+ years, there are very few industrial sectors that we have not had some level of experience in – from evaluation of assets, certified appraisal of assets, all the way to complete liquidation of assets and entire companies.

Every asset evaluation, every purchase, every sale that Perfection has made since 1963 is well documented and saved in our industry-best database.

We use our treasure of information, as well as all publically available information, to ensure that we completely understand the industrial sector we are performing in. The benefit to our client is complete comfort knowing that all of the following aspects have been researched and considered thoroughly before a comprehensive solution is presented by Perfection tailored to the client’s specific assets and situation.

  • Equipment Type
  • Equipment Condition
  • Resale Value
  • Equipment Customization
  • Geography Concerns/Considerations
  • Local and Internation Market (Current and Near Future)
  • Secondary Markets
  • Seasonality
  • Business Cycles
  • Manufacturing Cycles
  • Technological Advances
  • Historical Data