Gemcor GB6/G2000 All Electric CNC Fastening System

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Featuring: GEMCOR GB6/G2000 All Electric CNC Fastening System - Control Updated in 2005
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Gemcor Fastening System Information
  • Modular Design - Can Install up to 19 Straight Line Rivets per Minute
  • (4) Position Upper Head, Including: Vision Resync Camera, Drill Spindle, Toggle Buck, and Flushing Probe
  • Capable of Fastening Complete 180° Half-Fuselage Super Panel Assembly
    System Specifications

    X-Axis Travel: 11.5M (452")
    Maximum Jog Rate: 10.16 M/min (400 IPM)

    Z / W Axis Travel: 4.1M (163")
    Maximum Jog Rate: 6 M/min (236 IPM)

    A-Axis Rotation Range: +/- 90°
    Maximum A-Axis Jog Rate: 180 DPM
    B Angle: +/-15°

    E-Axis Rotation: 400°
    Maximum Jog Rate: 3600 DPM

    Spindle Speeds: 500 - 20,000 RPM
    Drilling Spindle Feedrate Range: 0 - 8,000 mm/min (315 IPM)

    Daylight (Lower Tool in Lace, Lower Ram Fully Retracted): 749mm (29.5")
    C-Frame Throat Depth: 3.18M (149")

    Automatic Tool Changer Capacity: 18 Positions
      Features Include
        • Fisher Precise SD5084 Drill Spindle
        • Variable Frequency Controlled
        • Countersink Drill Depth Control
        • Multi-Material Stack Drilling Function w/ Automatic Speed and Feed Change
        • Programmable Peck Drilling Cycle
        • Electro-Servo Controlled Toggle Buck and Roller Screw Lower Ram
        • Lower Ram Turntable w/ 400° of Rotation
        • Automatic Injector Shuttle
Queens Island, 2-4 Airport Road
Belfast, Ireland BT3 9DZ
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