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  • Lasco KGK 1600 | 1
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Inventory# 41398

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Blow Capacity: Blow Capacity: 115,728 lb - ft. 16,000 kgm
Continuous Blows / Min. Capacity: Continuous Blows / Min. Capacity: 60 - 70 60 - 70
Stroke w/ Standard Die: Stroke w/ Standard Die: 43.3" 1099.82mm
Hammer Total Weight: Hammer Total Weight: 631400 Lbs 286339.90 kg
Anvil Base Weight: Anvil Base Weight: 422400 Lbs 191558.40 kg
Upgrades Weight: Upgrades Weight: 55000 Lbs 24942.50 kg
Ram Weight: Ram Weight: 26400 Lbs 11972.40 kg
Max. Die Weight: Max. Die Weight: 5500 Lbs 2494.25 kg
Total Hammer Height: Total Hammer Height: 417.3" 10599.42mm
Height Above Floor: Height Above Floor: 315" 8001.00mm
New Anvil Installed in 2006 New Anvil Installed in 2006  
New Upgrades Installed in 2013 New Upgrades Installed in 2013  

Equipped With:
Dimensions & Weight: Call Perfection Global for Dimensions, 0 Lbs Dimensions & Weight: 0 Lbs, 0 Kg
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Location & Terms
As Is, Where Is — Toluca, Estado de Me, Mexico

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