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Inventory# 41015Year 1990

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Laser Output: Laser Output: 6000W 6000W
X-Axis Travel: X-Axis Travel: 720" 18288.00mm
Y-Axis Travel: Y-Axis Travel: 124" 3149.60mm
Z-Axis Travel: Z-Axis Travel: 7.874" 200.00mm
Track Span: Track Span: 130" 3302.00mm
Cutting Capacity (Mild Steel): Cutting Capacity (Mild Steel): 1" 25.40mm
Cutting Speed Rate: Cutting Speed Rate: 10-196 IPM 10-82.97 mm/sec
Rapid Traverse: Rapid Traverse: 1986 IPM 50.44 m/min
Resonator Hours: Resonator Hours: 16,500 16,500

Equipped With:
(2) Tables, 103" x 240" (2) Tables, 2616.20mm x 6096.00mm
Fanuc 16iLB CNC Control Fanuc 16iLB CNC Control
Fanuc C6000-A Resonator Fanuc C6000-A Resonator
Dust Collector Dust Collector
Dual Scrap Conveyors Dual Scrap Conveyors
Power Pierce Power Pierce
Dimensions & Weight: Call Perfection Global for Dimensions, 0 Lbs Dimensions & Weight: 0 Lbs, 0 Kg
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