(37) Clearpath Robotics / OTTO 1500 Heavy Duty Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) / Self-Driving Vehicles

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Horicon, WI


Available Individually or In Packages. Perfect solution for manufacturing plants that require collaborative robots to move heavy loads and operate safely around your team. Can also be used in warehouse and distribution center applications. Battery chargers also available.
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OTTO 1500 Highlights
  • One unit capable of multiple applications each shift
  • Capacity for advanced decision making and machine learning, such as optimal path re-routing
  • Laser-based perception and navigation - no reliance on guidance devices
  • Dynamic obstacle detection and avoidance
  • Does not require facility layout or infrastructure accommodations
  • Redeployable throughout facility, or multiple facilities
  • Simple setup that can be done by plant personnel w/ minimal training
  • Integrable with ERPs and other centralized operations management software
  • Data collection and reporting for continuing improvement in optimization / efficiency
  • Payload: 3300 Lb
  • Max. Velocity: 4.47 MPH
  • Positioning Accuracy: +/- 0.4"
  • Rotational Accuracy: 1°
  • Max. Slope: 5% / 3°
  • Lift Table Capacity: 3600 Lb
  • Lift Table Area: 78" x 31"
  • Hydraulically Actuated Scissor Lift (3600 Lb Capacity)
  • Differential Drive Configuration
  • Battery Chargers Available at Extra Cost