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Auctions and Liquidations


Live Auction with Webcast

A Live Webcast Auction is a perfect combination of using traditional auction methods enhanced by the use of real time web participation bidding. This method of sale is generally used when there are a larger quantity of lots and value and creates competitive bidding from buyers on the auction floor against buyers on the internet.

In today's challenging market place Perfection will expose your assets to a global marketplace which is why we are able to deliver the highest financial returns from your assets.

Online Auction

In 2002, Perfection formed our Online Auction division offering our clients a platform to sell their assets through an Online ONLY marketplace. We made major investments in technology to make online bidding quick, simple and effective with the ability of connecting seller's with buyers across a global marketplace spanning North and South America, Europe and Asia.


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John Deere

World Leading Manufacturer of Engines, Agricultural, Construction & Forestry Equipment - Ongoing Liquidation of Fabrication & Sheetmetal Machinery & Equipment

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