Leading Global Gear Manufacturer

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Sale Date

September 4, 2014
10:00 AM Central Time

Live Auction With Webcast

Elgin, IL


Unprecedented Offering of Late Model, High Precision Gear Machinery and Heat Treat Equipment For Production of Heavy Industrial Gearboxes and Drivetrains
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Sale preview will be held on Tuesday, September 2, 2014 and Wednesday, September 3, 2014 from 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, or earlier by appointment.
An 18% buyer's premium will be charged on all assets. The buyer's premium will be reduced to 16% for all onsite and Hilcast Webcast buyers if payments made by means of cash, cashier’s check, company check (with a bank letter of guarantee). An 18% buyer's premium will be charged for all Bidspotter participants, with no discount for prompt payment.
All items must be removed by Friday, October 10, 2014. Removal times are 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM local time, Monday through Friday. Buyers are responsible for removing all of their purchases. The auctioneer does not provide rigging or shipping services.

Sale Location:

950 Tollgate Road
Elgin, IL 60123

Prequalified Riggers:

CEP Group-Chicago Export Packing (Transportation Only)
Contact: Mike Costantini
Office: 855.738.1648
Cell: 312-590-8940
Email: mike.constantini@chicagoexport.com
Website: www.ChicagoExport.com

Absolute Rigging & Millwrights
Contact: Al Olszewski
Office: 269-945-5908
Cell: 269-804-7753
Email: al-oski@hotmail.com

Bentley World Packaging Ltd (Packaging and Rigging)
Contact: Cathy Jones
Office: 410-483-6250
Cell: 410-999-7933
Email: c.jones@bentleywp.com
Website: www.bentleywp.com

Additional Sale Details:

A leading global manufacturer of gear reducers, gearboxes, couplings, drivetrains, and open gearing has ceased operations at their Elgin, IL facility. The facility was formerly owned and operated by Flender Corp. and Winergy before it was sold to a major international manufacturer which recently decided to cease operations there. This well-known company produced components for many industrial applications, including mining, rail and transportation, power generation, wind, water/wastewater, cement, minerals and marine. As a result of this closure, all the machinery, equipment and real estate from the facility located at 950 Tollgate Road in Elgin, IL are available for sale.

The closure of this plant offers industrial gearbox and drivetrain manufacturers an unprecendented opportunity to purchase world class, late model, high precision gear equipment. Included in this offering are (6) CNC gear grinders; (2) CNC gear hobbers; a Hessapp CNC vertical turning lathe; a CNC keyseater; (2) Klingelnberg CNC gear measuring centers; gear deburring and shotblast equipment; (2) complete heat treat systems; and many more manual gear machines and machine tools. See the list of featured assets below for more details.

There are also (2) complete heat treat systems. Most of the newest system was installed and brought online in 2009 and 2010. This system, manufactured by Aichelin, consists of a washer, (2) quench tanks, (7) pit furnaces, (3) tempering ovens, and is operated with Siemens controls. The second system was orginally built in 1981, however it underwent several upgrades in 2007. This system is made up of a (2) washers (tank new in 2007), (2) Nolzen pit furnaces, (2) quench tanks (new 2007), a tempering oven, and controls which were upgraded in 2007.

The real estate is also available for sale and features a 132,000 Sq. Ft. magnificent expandable facility on 14.26 acres. The property is conveniently located approximately 35 miles west of Chicago with close proximity to the I-90 corridor.

If you are interested in this facility as a turnkey opportunity, please contact Adam Stevenson at +1.630.857.6615 or adam@perfectionindustrial.com.


    • (2) Gleason Pfauter P600G (2009)
    • (2) Hofler Rapid 1250 (2009)
    • (2) Hofler Rapid 800 (2009)


    • Hofler HF1250 (2009)
    • Liebherr LC800


    • Hessapp VCM 1200-11 (2009)


    • Fromag CNC-E100-1000APC Commander TF-15 (2009)


    • Klingelberg P150 (2009)
    • Klingelberg P100 (2009)


    • Rausch Gratomat GR1600 Deburrer (2009)
    • Wheelabrator (Shick Design) Shotblast & Peening System (2011)


    • (7) Aichelin / IHU Carburizing Furnaces (as New as 2011)
    • (3) Aichelin Tempering Furnaces (as New as 2011)
    • (2) Aichelin Quench Tanks (2009)
    • Aichelin Washer (2009)
    • (2) Nolzen Pit Furnaces
    • Aichelin Washers, Quench Tanks, Tempering Ovens
    • Approximately 100,000 Gallons of Quench Oil


    • Hurth LF2000 Keyway Spline Milling Machine
    • Hofler BHS 800 Gear Grinder
    • (2) Reishauer Gear Grinders
    • Reishauer AM Wheel Dresser
    • (2) Shigiya Cylindrical Grinders
    • (2) Pfauter Gear Hobbers

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